¡Beeeee! – V Witney Film Festival, Inglaterra


Nueva selección internacional para nuestra comedia ¡Beeeee! Esta vez en el V Witney Film Festival de Inglaterra.

El festival tendrá lugar del 21 al 25 de octubre en Witney, West Oxfordshire, Reino Unido.

¡Beeeee! se podrá ver el lunes 21, a las 20.30h, junto a los siguientes trabajos:

Delusion, Hea Jung Joo

Short experimental investigation into the literal meanings of the Bible.

Beerbug, Ander Mendia

Award winning animation about Joe who’s looking forward to a cold beer after a hard days work only to have it snatched from right beneath his nose.

My Fiancée is a Zombie, Justas Ramanauskas/Nick Leoridiakonos

Brian’s reluctant to admit his fiancée has more than just a cold.

Uptown Trash, Matt Florio

Chuck thinks Chritmas has come early when he peaks the interest of two aspiring models.

Monsters Do Not Exist, Paul Urkijo

Nai, a young Cambodian boy, is having terrible nightmares about a Pans Labyrinth-esque monster.

Leon & Barbara, Marcin Mikulski

An elderly couple take up herb cultivation to finance their funeral fund.

Beeeee!, Alvaro Oliva

Alberto meets two people he knows well in a suprising location.

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