36º cleveland international film festival

Posturas – 25 de marzo en Cleveland


Ya conocemos la fecha en la que se proyectará «Posturas» en el 36º Cleveland International Film Festival.

Nuestro corto se proyectará el domingo día 25 de marzo, a las 13h, dentro del Independent Short program #5.

Los cortos que forman parte de este bloque son:

Dark Side of the Lens
Ireland | Directed by Mickey Smith | Running time: 6 minutes
A stunning visual insight into the mind and world of renowned Surfing Cinematographer Mickey Smith.

A Declaration of Interdependence
USA | Directed by Tiffany Shlain | Running time: 5 minutes
A rewriting of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, A Declaration of Interdependence is a global-participatory film from the team behind Connected. With music by Moby and directed by Tiffany Shlain, it is an exhilarating montage of user-generated videos and graphics, a global mash-up demonstrating the vast potential of creative…


Canada | Directed by Yan England | Running time: 21 minutes
Henry, a great concert pianist, has his life thrown in turmoil the day the love of his life, Maria, disappears mysteriously. He’ll then discover the inevitable verdict of life.

John and Joe
USA | Directed by The Rauch Brothers | Running time: 4 minutes
John Vigiano Sr. is a retired New York City firefighter whose two sons followed him into service—John Jr. was a firefighter, too, and Joe was a police detective. On September 11, 2001, both Vigiano brothers responded to the call from the World Trade Center, and both were killed while saving others. Here, John Sr. remembers his…

USA | Directed by Roozbeh Dadvand | Running time: 24 minutes
Iran. 1959. It is six years after the CIA orchestrated coup that overthrew democratic Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh from power. Now living under house arrest and suffering from a life-threatening condition, Mossadegh must decide whether or not to trust a brilliant American physician that is sent to treat him.

Once Upon A Time There Was Oil (Il était une fois l’huile)
France | Directed by Vincent Paronnaud | Running time: 15 minutes
In a garage, two children search through the shelves and knock over inadvertently an oil can. A drop falls to the ground and turns into Goutix, the official mascot of Meroll Oils, for frying and engines. A marvelous journey in the factory begins…

Positions (Posturas)
Spain | Directed by Álvaro Oliva | Running time: 13 minutes
Dolores, an old woman who lives in a village, decides to liven up her love life by taking a copy of the Kamaustra to her elderly husband.

Sorry, Rabbi

Canada | Directed by Mark Slutsky | Running time: 10 minutes
After a disagreement with a group of angry Hasidic men, Josh is brought before their Rabbi for an impromptu trial to resolve the dispute.

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Posturas – 36º Cleveland International Film Festival – USA


Nueva selección para nuestro cortometraje «Posturas«. Esta vez en el 36º Cleveland International Film Festival de Estados Unidos.

Como curiosidad, este festival preselecciona para los premios Oscar.

Congratulations! Your film Positions has been selected to screen at the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival (March 22-April 1, 2012).

This year, close to 1450 independent short film entries were submitted for review by our Selection Committee and only 158 films were chosen. Needless to say, competition was fierce.

El Festival tendrá lugar del 22 de marzo al 1 de abril en Cleveland, Ohio. Las proyecciones se realizarán principalmente en los Tower City Cinemas aunque disponen de otras sedes como el Cedar Lee Theatre, Shaker Square Cinemas, Capitol Theater y Plaza Cinemas en Chapter Hill.

Según la organización del festival la selección ha sido feroz, ya que en esta edición ha participado 1.450 cortometrajes habiendo sido seleccionados solamente 158 trabajos.

En cuanto sepamos las fechas concretas os lo anunciaremos, ya que de momento no está en la página web http://www.clevelandfilm.org/

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